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Questions & Talking points with your agent in initial meeting 

About the Agent's Experience:


Q: What percentage of your business is selling?


Q: Please provide examples of listings you have done in the past.


Q: How well do you know this area?

Q: What do you do to stay up to date and active in the market?



About Your Home:


Q: How do you think my house compares to others in this industry?

     -They should provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)


Q: What would you recommend we price my home?

          Specifically, why? 


Q: When should our home go live?

Q: What are the recommended timelines for goals?


Q: What are major fixes you recommend that would yield a good return on your investment?

Q: What is the average ROI for each?


Q: What are minor fixes you recommend that would yield a good return on your investment?

Q: What is the average ROI for each?


Q: Do you have a list of vendors you have used in the past of which you recommend if I am not able to or do not want to complete these?



Preparing your home:

T: Discusse what plan and services they plan to utilize to get your home ready to sell.


Examples of professional services recommended:

  • Stager

  • Professional photography

  • Digital staging

  • Drone Footage

  • Cleaning services

  • Repair Services


T: They should provide a checklist of how to prepare your home for pictures as well as listing the home.


This is always an uncomfortable but very important topic!  You have the right to understand and know how these work.  Don't hesitate to ask any questions to your agent or us if soemthing doesn't seem right.


Q: What fees will you be charging and what are we going to give to buyers agents?

Q: Are there any services you will be paying the up front costs for?


Q: Are there upfront costs you will expect us to pay for?

Marketing Plan:

Q: What is your initial plan to sell my home?

Q: What marketing efforts will you use?

     A sign in front of the home, 

Q: How do we handle it if the initial plan does not work?

What type of showings will you use?  

Q: How will I know people want to see our home?

Q: How much time will you give me prior to showings?

Q: What are the expectations for how the home should be kept while not under contract?




How often will you communicate with me throughout the process?


**Share your communication frequency and preferences with your agent.


Expectations you can set for agent:

I would like to know ….


Please keep EODHB updated in our plans and a

Next Step Goals

Before the end of the meeting, set up specific and agreed goals identified for next step with a specific deadline.

DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING Until meeting with us afterwards.  Your agent will give you a sellers agreement.  Let them know you are going to discuss (with your spouse) and EODHB and will get back to them.  

After you meet with your agent, we want to hear how it went!!


Things to consider:

  • Do you feel the agent was professional and prepared?

  • Were you happy with their level of knowledge and current market trends for the area?

  • Were you happy with the agent’s plan to sell your home?

  • Are you satisfied with the communication expectations established?

  • How much information was provided by the agent unprompted and how much was as a response form our questions?

We are always here to help guide you if there is anything you have questions about or would like more information on.  

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