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What’s driving EODHB?

Every company has inspiration behind its operation, and EOD Home Buying is no different.

As our team continues to strive for growth and expansion in giving back, we remind ourselves daily why this is important to us. What motivates the philanthropy this company seeks so highly to support? To answer that, we’d like to share this story as told by our own Founding CEO, Christine Hamilton, and tell you WHY giving back is so important to her family and to EODHB. 

Christine writes:

Within weeks of meeting my husband, I found myself on a trip to Key West with two

other EOD families. I immediately fell in love with the shenanigans and love within the community. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was also my first time having ever been around anyone in the military. I remember there was one airman who had just come home from a deployment, and was describing an engagement he had while there. I was immediately so overwhelmed with emotions listening to him, that I had to excuse myself to process my feelings. What he just described wasn’t a video game or a movie, it was his own real-life experience. It was then in that moment I began to see just how big the sacrifice our servicemen and women, and more specifically our fellow EOD techs make as a service to our country.

After that trip, I felt inspired to help the EOD community in any way that we could. Justin and I banded together and organized 6 fundraisers for the EOD Warrior Foundation, and shared with countless others the support and services EODWF provided. 

In early 2020, our roles shifted from supporters of the EODWF and EOD Community,

to the recipient. Our daughter, Libby, had suffered a stroke resulting in paralysis on her left side of the body. I left my mental health practice after 10 years, and switched to my new job of transporting and focusing on her therapy. 

Our family had gone down to one income, and the stress of nonstop medical bills were overwhelming to say the least. We swallowed our pride and reached out to our friends and family for help to put her in an innovative therapy clinic. We were deeply touched and will forever be grateful to everyone for the overwhelming support we received for Libby. She was able to attend two therapy clinics that made a huge impact in her mobility and quality of life. Most of the financial support we received came from the EOD community, many of whom we had never met.  It was truly beautiful to see how the EOD Community came together, and really is a family.

From then on we knew our focus would be to continue that family feel and support others as we were so graciously taken care of in our time of need. Since then, we have been beyond blessed to be assisting our EOD Community. We have served as their mortgage lenders for the past 6 years, and just this past year created EODHB to expand and further our efforts. 

We donate everything after operational costs from the commission our agents pay us for making a referral to put back into the community. We use it to help build morale among shops and deployed units, as well as countless other things. We also pay it forward so that other families like ours, who need help, can reach out to the Foundation to receive the support they need. Therefore we give the EOD Warrior Foundation  5% of our personal commission from closing a loan through Justin Hamilton. 

As a mother, I know I’ll never be able to show the gratitude I have for those who stepped forward to help our family, and our Libby, but that alone is what inspires Justin and myself to continue helping in any way we can. Whether our clients go through Justin for lending or utilize our agent referral services here at EODHB, every connection counts. That’s what drives me. That’s my why.

Written By:

Carol Weant

Christine Flesner

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