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My name is Christine Hamilton, I am the founder and Executive Director of EOD Home Buying. I am passionate about helping service members to understand the process when buying a home. I would like to offer an opportunity to your unit(s) where my team and I can share our knowledge and resources with those interested.

  • We can tailor the amount of information and time to meet your intent, desired level of understanding, and available training time.

  • Historically, the average educational course would last approximately 90 minutes, 60 min of information sharing/instruction and 30 minutes for Q&A.

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It is our goal to educate service members about the VA loan process, the benefits and resources afforded to them through their service, and to address common misconceptions about the VA loan. The education we provide can protect service members and their families from predatory services and financial strain.

Former Air Force EOD Technician, and lending officer, Justin Hamilton will speak on the VA loan, how to use the VA loan, and how it benefits your soldiers when buying a home. One of our real estate agents will speak on all the services and responsibilities to be expected from a real estate agent when buying or selling a home. We can work with you to target content provided specific to your installation and specific area.

We provide a short survey to identify the impact our course made on service members' understanding of the VA loan and the home buying process. These results can be shared with your leadership.

We are also able to supplement your SFRG program by offering some financial help and other resources to host events as part of our program when we are invited to provide our instruction if you would like.

Help and resources include; but are not limited to, financial help for catering, take home resources, rented party toys for kids, and many others. All of this can be discussed and agreed upon as a part of our instruction planning process.

We have found that leaving 30 minutes following the class to go over specific questions has been most beneficial to people since each group varies in their level of experience and understanding in the home buying process. We also recommend an informal meet and greet afterwards for individual concerns or questions.

About the Presenter: 

Justin Hamilton is an Air Force veteran that served as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician. He is a mortgage loan officer with six years in the industry having helped over 500 families with their financing needs. Justin has a passion for helping veterans and servicemembers utilize their earned benefit of the VA Loan. He is a Senior VA Loan Specialist and the subject matter expert in his region tasked with training others in the industry how to better serve the military community. Justin has taught 25 VA loan classes throughout the country. He has experience speaking to groups of 100 or small gatherings of 5 people. His goal at the end of a class is for the servicemember or veteran to be able to confidently navigate the process of purchasing or refinancing a home utilizing the VA loan by knowing the right questions to ask and what to look out for. This enables them to save money and make sound financial decisions on one of the largest purchases of their lives. Having served in the military Justin understands the unique challenges that families face when PCSing and he is here to ensure that those eligible for the VA loan benefit are able to know their best options for financing a home. Justin is heavily involved with the EOD Warrior Foundation having organized fundraisers and making charitable contributions over the last 10 years.

Approximately how many people do you expect to attend the event?
How long would you like the course to be?

Choose any of the following topics you would like us to focus on during the course.

VA Loan Class

Course Topics Covered:


● What is a VA loan?

● Who is eligible for VA loan benefits?

● Requirements for VA Loan.

● How does a VA loan compare to other loans?

● Understanding a preapproval.

● What is the preapproval process?

● The loan process.

● How are rates determined?

● Understanding and using your entitlement benefits.

● Understanding fees associated with loan and closing. VA Funding fee, inspection,

escrow, option money, title fees, appraisal,...... add other fees.

● Closing cost options.

● Down payment options.

● What the shopping/making offers process looks like.

● What the inspection process looks like.

● What the appraisal process looks like.

● What are the greatest benefits of using the VA loan?

● Benefits available with VA loans once separated.

● Why sellers should accept a VA offer.

● VA loan myths.

● How to determine which real estate agent is right for you and your family.

● What services to expect from a real estate agent.

● Open Q & A at the end.

Other Specialty Topics

Thank you for your interest in our class.  We will review your request and connect with you soon. 

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