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Nationwide Real Estate Referrals
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Thank You for your interest in joining our referral network!

Agent Expectations

Our clients are family to us, we take extensive notes on services provided to our clients and maintain communication with them throughout the transaction. What we are building is a reliable foundation based on education and trust between our clients, ourselves and you. Please know we hope to create a solid working relationship with our agents, based on honesty and fluid communication to best serve our clients and provide our agents with well founded referrals. 


By accepting referrals from EOD Home Buying, you accept the following;

  • We believe trust is the most important bond to have with our agents. Therefore, in most cases we do not wait for the referral form to be signed. We prioritize the clients' often immediate need to get connected with an agent. Please have the form signed and submitted back to us within 48 hrs.

  • Our goal is for you to have attempted to make contact with the client within 3 hours of receiving the referral. Once you have reached out, please send our referring agent a quick text to let us know you have connected, or attempted to connect with the client. Please stay responsive to the clients throughout the process.                                                   

  • Through numerous follow up surveys, communication is #1 when clients discuss their agent experience.  We ask you to establish expectations in your initial contact and check in with them as discussed.

  • Let our agent know as soon as you are under contract, providing the address and expected closing date.  

  • We will connect with you a week prior to closing, as well as post closing to ensure everything went smoothly and get feedback for future referrals. 

  • When you post on social media about any of the clients EOD Home Buying has referred to you, please be sure to tag @EODHomeBuying.  This will help support and promote our network as well as show our community how we endorse your services as an agent. 

  • We know that finding a lender can be difficult so rest assured we have a preferred lender who is an expert in VA Loans and has helped over 500 of our clients.  Not only that, he is also a Veteran AF EOD Tech and knows the process in relation to EOD and the military's specific needs.

  • Let us know as soon as possible if you cannot make it to closing.


For Buyer's Agents: 

  • Please ask the client if they would like to be set up for an MLS search upon first contact even if they are not planning to move soon.  We know the same homes will not be for sale however they can become familiar with the types of homes in the area as well as establish a deeper relationship with you for when they are ready to buy.

  • We expect buyer's agents to play an active role in the client's home search and are familiar with the parameters of what the clients are looking for. Therefore, actively sending clients new listings which fall within those parameters outside of the automated emails.

For Seller's Agents:

  • Please do not take commission from the buyer's agent and increase the seller's percentage without discussing first with the cl

  • Please use us as a resource to help spread the word and market the client's house.

  • Make sure to provide a multi dynamic marketing plan for selling the client's home.  This process should adapt and change if the initial plan does not appear to be working.  Additionally, keep the client involved on those changes.  This is one of the biggest issues we have found in client feedback from post follow up surveys.  


We look forward to serving with you!

EODHB Agent Referrals Agreement

Thanks for submitting!

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For more information please contact:


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